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We have got two brand new releases to let you know about, in addition to a hands on inspection we just recently wrapped up. Nowadays, we've got the very first of among those newest releases only hitting on, the Personalized Watches.

Now, if you not in the know, Yema is a new hailing from France, and they have been producing watches because 1948 -- thus definitely not an upstart. So, where is the กฏ63 from the Personalized Watches coming out of? You see, that is the year they introduced the Yema Superman. Ever since that time, the lineup includes iterated (and in actuality, we have got a Superman in for inspection at the present time ), but the opinion is an icon within their lineup.

To check at the Personalized Watches, you are definitely seeing classic style. For me personally, that begins with the dial along with these beautiful indices, finish with all the un-lumed numerals being put to the 6, 9, and 12 places. The handset (known as Skin Care hands) echoes the first view. Obviously, a very simple reproduction is not what we are referring to -- what about the updates?

Yes, the personalized mens watches certainly has some fairly pleasant tweaks for it. On the handset , you have got another seconds hand compared to the first, but it is one we view on the existing Superman lineup. While the bezel resembles the first, it has had sapphire swapped rather than this bakelite the first used.

You have got a little bit of metal which, once the crown is screwed down tight, has teeth which nestle to the ridges on the bezel. To put it differently, no accidental lumps -- in either way -- throwing off the time of your dip (or your own parking meter).

While I am defintely newer into the entire Yema array, I will see the way a Superman is a good centerpiece in their own collection, particularly given how long the watch layout was a part of this lineup. And who does not adore a classic watch? Just like other people in the line, you'll have the ability to acquire exactly the personalized watches for him in a 39mm situation (my vote) or 41mm. For much more on this particular watch, and the remainder of the Superman lineup, go over to